Refund Policy

Cancellation-Refund Policy 
Registration is fully refundable only if course is canceled by Advanced Dental CE. We reserve the right to cancel a course for any reason and cannot be responsible for hotel deposits or non-refundable airline tickets or other associated fees. We take no responsibility regarding state medical or dental board requirements. Participants are responsible for determining whether they are able to perform these procedures at our courses and in their own practices. We are not responsible for decisions or changes made by state medical/dental board about their state practice acts prior to our courses. Registration is also fully refundable no later than 5 PM same date one month before course. No refunds after same date one month before the first course that you registered for. Cancellation which fall outside this parameters may result in full credit to be used for any other course offered by Advanced Dental CE. At our discretion, you may be able to change to another date and location but there will be no refund available should you cancel out of that course or fail to show up.