Dr. Dyches earned his dental degree at Case Western Reserve University. After 13 years and 6 start-up practices, Dr. Dyches saw a need and an opportunity at the intersection of healthcare and law. He earned his Juris Doctorate from the J. Reuben Clark School of Law at Brigham Young University.

Dr. Dyches provides CE to healthcare professionals across the country, most frequently educating on:

  •   Risk Management

  •   The Standard of Care,

  •   HIPAA and other Federal Laws,

  •   Healthcare Contracts, and

  •   Asset Protection Strategies in Today’s Litigious Climate.

    Lecture Description:

    Doctors provide care in a high-risk environment. One-in-four healthcare professionals will be involved in a lawsuit this year, and owning a practice increases those odds. While malpractice insurance and continuing clinical education seek to protect and improve knowledge and skill, they do not prevent lawsuits. This presentation empowers providers with an understanding of liability and lawsuits, their far-reaching impact, and legal corporate structures that protect assets from being taken in a lawsuit.

    Educational Objectives:

    Doctors will understand the legal climate in which they provide healthcare, including the concepts of vicarious liability, the standard of care, legal burdens of proof, and the liability rubric (duty, cause, and injury). Further, they will be instructed on the protective legal instruments of corporations, LLCs, family limited partnerships, and living trusts. Doctors will understand legal strategy and corporate structuring which will prevent and protect them from lawsuits.


    “Vicarious Liability: Where does the buck stop in your practice?”, Dental Economics & APEX 360 “Respondeat Superior in the Dental Practice” and “The Cost of Being the Boss”, Dentistry IQ “Escape Fires and the Medical Standard of Care”, Scratchstarter

    “Dental Legal Concepts”, American Institute Seminar (5 hours of CE credit course)