Aug 31, 2019 Using Laser Technology To Improve Perio & Endo Success Hands-On  6 ceu

Aug 31, 2019 Using Laser Technology To Improve Perio & Endo Success Hands-On 6 ceu

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"Using Laser Technology To Improve Perio & Endo Success" 

Venue : Touro University 874 American Pacific Dr Henderson NV 89014

 May 19, 2019  6 ceu Hands On

”USING LASER TECHNOLOGIES TO IMPROVE PERIO & ENDO SUCCESS”  Minimally Invasive Endodontics & Periodontics

 Dr Brad Labrecque BSc, DMD, ALD Fellowship, has been an early adopter of lasers in his dental practice , having his first one 1993 . Since then he has built a very successful and profitable dental practice focused on minimally invasive dentistry with dental lasers at its core .

 In this seminar Dr Labrecque will give a overview on what dental lasers are available today and explain how they can improve your periodontal and endodontic outcomes. He will explain how dental lasers are a surgical tool that can treat the disease process earlier and more effectively than traditional protocols. Certain laser wavelengths as well are a tool to promote healing following most dental procedures. His passion for the technology will keep you wanting to know more and wonder why you are not using it in your dental practice today.

 In this informative course Dr. Labrecque will introduce you to what is available in today’s marketplace ... not all lasers are the same ....

  1. Which wavelength is best for the dental procedure you are doing ...especially for endodontic and periodontics procedures ?
  1. Operating costs VS Purchase price
  2. Delivery systems available


 Dr Labrecque will,review the literature and research which supports the minimally invasive laser protocols and how to incorporate this technology into your daily practice . Items covered will be ....


  1. Diagnostic protocols
  2. When to incorporate laser technology.. perio and endo
  3. Billing for dental procedures with laser
  4. Compare traditional protocols to minimally invasive laser protocols.. best to invest
  1. Decrease referrals.. increase profitability with technology


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